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 RTRA eNewsletter
March 2016

In this issue:




Meeting Senator Muir


X-Trials April 8-9
Cleanup Australia Day March 6

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Helping to save your riding areas

Dear Member

A passionate polly heads this month's newsletter - and no, we're not talking about Carnaby's Cockatoo.

There's good news from Carnarvon, a change in your Committee, and the return of the X-men.  On the flip side, there's a warning for Mariginiup riders and concerns further north.

Read on for all the details...                    

Finally a Politician Enthusiast

Over the past ten years (yes, it really has been that long!) we've dealt with many politicians. All have been polite, most have been sympathetic, some have been supportive. But only one has been totally passionate.

That politician is Senator Ricky Muir from the Australian Motoring Enthusiasts Party, who took the time to meet with RTRA during a brief visit to Perth last week.

Ricky understands what trail bike riding is all about - he rides his 450 whenever he gets the chance - and he knows how valuable it is for kids to have the experience of riding.  So it wasn't surprising that he was blown away with what we have been able to achieve in WA, from family-friendly facilities like Pinjar to legal single-trail in Metro Road and the big exciting potential of projects like Manjimup.

What was going to be a half hour meeting ran nearly two hours - and ended with a serious commitment to sample our finest trails on a future visit.  Irrespective of what happens next election we'd love to hold Ricky to that promise!

Murchison Offroad Adventures Under Threat 

The popular Murchison Offroad Adventures at Coolcalalya Station near Kalbarri is fighting for survival following an order to stop trading by the Department of Lands.

The RTRA has pledged its support to the Lane family who operate the facility as they navigate through the process of securing a permit to operate.

Facilities like MOA are important for riders and the environment, and a large pastoral station like Coolcalalya is an ideal place to cater for four wheel driving and trail bike riding.

Wire Trap near Pinjar

Riders should be alert to the possibility of man-traps in Mariginiup near Pinjar following the serious injury to a 16 year old rider on Tuesday 23 February.

According to a report in PerthNow, the injury occurred as he rode down the fire track on the southern side of a property next to a strawberry farm. He hit a metal wire which had been deliberately placed from one side of the track to the strawberry farm fence on the other side. The rider suffered neck serious injuries.

Our information is that he was on private property with the owner's consent at the time.

Please note that this incident did not occur within the Pinjar Motorcycle Area. 

So Long, Spike; Welcome Xander 

The new year has brought change in your Committee.  Sadly, Stacey Pike ('Spike') is unable to continue on the Committee this year due to work pressures.  Stacey did a great job of coordinating the Pinjar maintenance mornings and her energy and enthusiasm always lifted the committee meetings (and the AGM!). Thanks Spike!

Replacing Stacey on the Committee is Xander Kabat - one half of the Overlander Adventure Equipment team.  Apart from being an offroad enthusiast and at the centre of one of the fastest growing segments (adventure bikes), Xander is a highly respected environmental scientist and author.  His expert input will give the RTRA a new level of credibility when dealing with agencies like DPaW and the Department of Water. Welcome, Xander!                     

Cleanup Australia Day - Sunday March 6 

The national Clean Up Australia Day will be held on Sunday March 6 this year.  

RTRA members are encouraged to do a little extra cleaning up around the area where you ride, especially car parks.  

Send us a photo of your cleanup efforts - the best effort will win an exclusive RTRA polo shirt.

X-Trial Returns to Perth - Tickets on Sale 

The amazing skills of world class trials riders will be on display as the X-Trial Australian Championships return to Perth.

The event will be held on April 8 and 9 at Baseball Park in Canning Vale.

See for more details. 

Early ORVA Enquiry from Carnarvon

We've received a preliminary enquiry from the Ranger Coordinator at the Shire of Carnarvon about the possibility of creating a new Off Road Vehicle Area up there.

Nothing definite at this stage, but as this is the second Shire we know of that is looking into establishing an ORVA it is evidence that the tide is turning and more local governments are seeing the potential.

Get in touch if you live in or around Carnarvon and would like a safer, family-oriented place to take the kids riding.


Help Spread the Word

If you think the RTRA is having a positive impact for riders, just think how much more effective we'd be if we had double the members.  It's actually not that hard - all it takes is for each member to find one other rider to sign up.  

If you have riding buddies who are not yet members of the RTRA, please forward them this email and give them a prod to join up.

Recreational Trailbike Riders' Association of WA Inc