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RTRA e-Newsletter
RTRA e-Newsletter
October 2011

In this issue:


Gnangara Interim Trails
Pinjar Stage 2 Trails Open
Pilot Trail Progress
Blackwood Trails Plan


Funding for Communication program

Minimal Impact:

Dieback kills but doesn't die!


Perth Motorcycle Show - Nov 4-6
Minikhana at Byford - Nov 26


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Helping to save your riding areas

Dear {tag_recipientfirstname},

A successful AGM and social night, the completion of more trails (and the start of others), funding announcements,  meetings in Manjimup - it's been a very busy month.

Read on to see what's been happening...

New Format AGM a Success

A new venue, a new format and a promise to keep the formalities brief and the beer flowing resulted in a successful RTRA Annual General Meeting.

Over 60 RTRA members attended the night which started with a video featuring a trail bike ride through Thailand, compiled by Pounce and Jeff from the Crusty Quinns.

Steve presented the President's Report with photos of highlight projects and an announcement of funding to develop 'interim' trails at Gnangara.

The traditional Treasurer's Report was dealt with, following the election of the new Committee. We welcome Paul Neve, Dave Bylund and Henry Van Es to the Committee and look forward to your contribution.

A healthy Q&A session then followed before the meeting concluded and dinner was served.

Thanks to all those members who attended and made the evening a success.

Pinjar Stage 2 Signed and Ready to Ride

Three new trails at Pinjar are now open for riding. 

Situated on the western side of Orchid Rd the 800m 'Short & Curly', 3.5km 'North Loop' and 4.3km 'South Loop' are natural surface, one-way trails designed to attract faster riders and larger quad bikes away from the PeeWee and Family trails.

You can download a Google Earth trails map from 

Pinjar PeeWee Trail SIgnage Installed

We really, really need to keep high powered bikes and quads off the PeeWee trail as they are cutting up the surface and ruining it for the kids.

To support members who want to point this out to any non-kid riders they see on this trail we have installed three signs near the entrance to the trail.  The simple message: "Please don't ruin it for the kids".

If you see anyone riding a high powered machine aggressively on this trail please snap a photo.  We're quite happy to 'name and shame' anyone who callously disregards the request to stay off this trail.

Interim Trail at Gnangara

While the major redevelopment work is going on at Pinjar it's important to progressively provide better trails and facilities at Gnangara, so we were delighted to assist in securing funding from the Minister for Sport & Recreation to develop an interim trail.

The new natural surface trail will be signposted and will lead riders north of the pines area.  It is expected to be open for riding in November.

Funding for Communications Program

As well as announcing $20,000 for the interim trail at Gnangara, the Minister for Sport and Recreation, Terry Waldron, has committed $60,000 for an education, volunteer management and community awareness campaign.

This funding will be used in part to clarify riders' rights and responsibilities so that riders, rangers and residents have a clearer picture of what can be ridden where.  The funding will also help develop a volunteer management program which will be a vital element in developing and managing riding areas and trails in the future.

The full details of these programs are still to be worked out and we'll update members when we can.  Meanwhile you can read the Minister's Media Statement.

Pilot Trail Progress

The Pilot Trail Bike Trail project at Metro Road is progressing, with a detailed trails assessment completed and a works plan and signage plan under development.

Most of the planned trail is able to be used without modification so we're optimistic that we will be able to complete the trail work reasonably quickly once we can get started on this phase.

RTRA at the Perth Motorcycle Show

The RTRA will again have a presence at the Perth Motorcycle Show, Convention Centre Nov 4-6.

This year we will be doing a series of presentations on the work of the RTRA and other topics of interest to trail bike riders.

If you're coming to the show make sure you drop in and say hi.

Blackwood Alliance Trails Strategy

The RTRA has met with the Warren Blackwood Strategic Alliance about the Trails Master Plan project for the area.

With the South West such an important area for recreational trail bike riders it is essential that we don't allow trails that have historically been used by trail bike riders to be arbitrarily taken over for walkers and mountain bikes.

We are looking at a project to have the tourism and economic benefit of trail bike riding to towns like Nannup and Manjimup better recognised so that the activity is not just tolerated but actually encouraged.  More on this soon.

Minikhana at Byford - November 26

The Lightweight Motorcycle Club and Motorcycling Western Australia are running a Minikhana at the Byford MX circuit on Saturday 26th November.

Minikhana is great fun and children learn and improve their skills with a variety of different events in a safe and controlled setting.

The event is open for kids aged between 4 and 16.  Details and online entry.

Minimal Impact - Dieback Doesn't Die

With drier weather just around the corner it's easy to assume that we don't have to be as careful with dieback.

Unfortunately this isn't the case.  Dieback spores which can easily be picked up in mud or puddles remain 'live' even when the mud dries and can then be shaken loose further down the trail and start a new infestation.

So make sure your bike is properly clean before each ride, stay out of known Disease Risk Areas and try to avoid wet areas.  Dieback is a huge problem and we all need to play our part in preventing its spread.


If you haven't yet checked out the new RTRA blog, head over to Each week we will feature a different perspective on trail bike riding in WA. If you would like to make a contribution please contact

Spread the Word

The more members we have, the more we can achieve.  If you have riding buddies who are not yet members of the RTRA, forward them this email and give them a prod to join up.

Recreational Trailbike Riders' Association of WA Inc
PO Box 273 Darlington WA 6070