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Canadian Study Shows Health Benefits


Anyone who rides a dirt bike or ATV will know that it requires physical exertion. And we all know that regular physical exertion has health benefits. Now a new Canadian study has taken the first steps towards quantifying these benefits - and in language that health professionals will understand.

The national study involved 128 riders of both genders and divided into three age groups - 16-29, 30-49 and 50+.  Riders wore specially designed helmets and equipment that allowed researchers to monitor and measure the physical demands of off-road riding (heart rate, oxygen consumption, muscular involvement (fatigue), and rate of exertion).

The study found that oxygen consumption increased by 6 times resting value and heart rate measurements put riding in the 'hard exercise' category.

“Off-road vehicle riders perform considerable physical work using their arms and upper body.” This upper body strength requirement “could lead to beneficial training increases in musculoskeletal fitness”

Study findings also picked up on the psycho-social effects of riding – the “enhanced quality of life and stress reduction effects of off-road riding”

The study concluded that Off-road vehicle riding was found to require “a true physiological demand that would be expected to have a beneficial effect on health and fitness according to Canada’s current physical activity recommendations ...  More health and fitness benefits could likely be realized if the frequency of riding were increased to a level compatible with the recommended Canadian guideline for physical activity”

Which all means we need to ride more to stay healthier!

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