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Trail Topics

   The Ideal Ride

    Monday, August 22, 2011

Author: Brett Grandin

Ladies and gents I pose a question: “WHAT IS THE IDEAL RIDE?”

I have wondered what is the ideal riding conditions and riding scenario for people of the trail riding community. We all have different wants and desires.

Is it the fast flowing gravel roads of the south west, fire trails that link the road networks together, single overgrown little used trails that once held purpose for loggers, or riding on a friend or relative's property with a mix of MX track and trail loop.

Do you find that you get lost in the joy of being in the great outdoors admiring the scenery as you explore this great land?

Are you challenged by hills and obstacles and when you get over the top you have been fulfilled?

Do you practice the long dusty road of a desert racer and dream of one day joining the safari? Is trail time part of your fitness programme?

Do you belt around on a dirt bike with your mates or with your family?  Do you watch as your kids develop skills on a trail as you follow with joy at watching the next Toby Price or Jay Marmont?

Is the trail riding experience a full day or a few hours?

Do you travel to a favourite spot ?

My personal story is a mix of all of the above.   Getting out is a way to unwind and enjoy the company of like-minded people. To challenge myself to a full day of riding, enjoying the country side and obstacles that arise.  I look forward to watching my grandchildren learning to ride with me and allowing them to enjoy a great sport and past time.

I have noticed that there is no age limit to the trail rider!