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Trail Topics

   Are Quad Riders Trail Riders Too?

    Monday, September 19, 2011

Author: Brett Soltoggio

Are Quad Riders Trail Bike Riders ?

I believe that we are and if you read the following, I think you will agree.

We mostly ride for the enjoyment and camaraderie riding trails, camping out with family and friends in the outdoors and sharing good times. Activities all riders have in common.

Unfortunately as a quad rider, I have to ride illegally if I want to ride trails other than pine plantations and sand dunes.

Until the government issues a registration scheme, the quality trails that registered bikes have access to are off limits.

Quad riders find this very frustrating as there are currently no legal trail riding opportunities close to Perth.  Some of the trails in the eastern hills are clearly not suitable for quads, but there are many areas where a suitably registered quad rider would have as much fun as a two wheeler in single track heaven.

Another commonality we share is the lunatic fringe; riders who persist in riding in inappropriate places, without proper protective equipment and generally giving responsible riders a bad name.
These riders, both 2 and 4 wheels do more harm to the trail bike community by attracting more negative press coverage than we need right now.

A third issue that I see quad and bike riders having in common is a general sense of ownership of the trail network that you frequent. It's not unusual to see trail riders cleaning up rubbish and leaving areas in better condition after a ride than before.

How does all that RUBBISH get out onto the trails in the first place ?

So is my idea of good trail ride - a variety of trails, hill climbs, rocky sections, fast flowing fire trails, riding responsibly, but illegally, with a group of friends and family having a day out on their quads - any different to what a 2 wheel trail bike rider would do in the same situation?

I feel that this qualifies quad riders as Trail Bike Riders.

Hopefully soon we will be able to say that we are legal trail bike riders, just with four wheels instead of two.