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Trail Topics

   A September Challlenge

    Monday, August 29, 2011

Author:  Simon Mykolajenko

Wow, I’ve just spent three days riding in my favourite area in the Southwest. It was brilliant, but it got me thinking, will this enjoyment be available to our kids as they grow up, or their kids? There are a lot of groups that would like to see us banned from the bush altogether and to stop us enjoying the sport we love.

Luckily the RTRA is here to try and ensure our riding rights are preserved. But not only that, the RTRA is working towards better access for all off road riders. We are heavily involved in lobbying government for more access to better riding areas and have found sympathetic ears in areas of government that may surprise you. We have sourced funding for trail development and evaluation in some areas and the progress with this has been fantastic. Some of you may have ridden the pilot trails set up in Pinjar. We are on the verge of starting a major project in the metro Road area which will be a mammoth leap forward for dirt bike riders in Perth. This is just the tip of the iceberg and ideally we would like a trail system similar to the Munda Biddi Trail, or the Bibbulmun Track stretching through the Southwest of the state with loops out from towns along the way.

We are trying to develop trails for licensed riders, but also areas for unlicensed bikes and riders as well. We want mum, dad, and the kids to have access to pleasant riding areas where they can go on a Sunday morning for a ride and a picnic lunch.

The crunch with all of this is that, as with all politics, it’s a numbers game. The more numbers you have, the more the politicians listen. The response to our proposals so far has been very good, but with double the membership it would be even better. So here’s my challenge:

If you are reading this you are probably already a member of the RTRA. If not, please consider joining. It’s a small cost for a large investment in your riding future. If you are already a member I appeal to you to go out and make it your goal for September to get one more person to join the RTRA. If we all achieve this, we’ll double our membership so that we can go to government with greater numbers, and a louder voice, to fight the fight on your behalf.

RTRA is a non profit association. All of the committee members are volunteers who put in their time and effort to protect and grow the future of all dirt bike riders, I want my kids to be able to ride dirt bikes in 20 years time and enjoy weekends like I just have.

So go on, phone a mate who rides and get him to join RTRA. You will be making more difference than you think and helping secure dirt riding for the future. Let me know on this blog when you have signed up a new member.

See you on the trail,