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Pinjar Off Road Vehicle Area Redevelopment

Pinjar is a 200ha area consisting of pine plantations and open cleared scrubland.  The RTRA has been working with the Department of Parks and Wildlife with the goal of improving the facilities, trails, maintenance and management of the area so that it reduces risk and provides a more satisfying riding experience.

A Master Plan has been produced and work commenced in August 2010 on the first stage of trails redevelopment.

The Master Plan divides the Off Road Vehicle Area into two main precincts:  East of Orchid Rd has been designated for novice and family riding, and West of Orchid Rd will be for intermediate to advanced riders.

The first stage in 2010 included a 1.3km 'PeeWee' trail and a 'Family Trail' of approximately 6km.   Both are surfaced with limestone to suit novice riders.

In September 2011 trails development started on the Western (Intermediate) side, with a 3.5km North Loop, a 4.3km South Loop and an 800m short circuit called, appropriately, 'Short & Curly'.

At the same time a car park to service the family precinct was developed. Temporary toilets will be provided, with upgraded facilities to be provided in future stages.

In late 2012 a second car park was created on the western side of Orchid Road to service the Intermediate / Advanced precinct.  A 'feeder loop' trail runs around both car parks providing access to the trails for bikes and quads.

In 2013 the PeeWee and Family Trails were completely resurfaced, and now provide a great riding experience for novice / intermediate riders of all ages. 

Current status:

The Western car park is now complete and is being landscaped progressively.  Riders are asked to use the feeder loop trails instead of riding in the car parks and access roads.  Go slowly on the feeder loop so as not cut up the surface, and be on the lookout for anyone damaging this area.

Intermediate (North Loop, South Loop and 'Short & Curly' are open for use. It is expected that these trails will provide a more satisfying experience for more advanced riders who will then stay away from the PeeWee and Family trails.

Project History:


  • August 28 - Sep 3: Trail alignment clearing of the PeeWee and Family Trail
  • September 6 - 10: Limestone cartage and sealing of PeeWee trail
  • September 11 - 12:  Ride-testing of Family Trail alignment and on-site meeting to form 'Friends of Pinjar' group (see below)
  • September 13: Limestone cartage and trail construction
  • November 15: Signage completed on the Family Trail
  • November 28: Completion of the PeeWee trail delayed due to DEC equipment being called away for fire duty.
  • December 24: Signage and construction finished on PeeWee trail.  Both trails now open for use.


  • June 5: PeeWee trail has been re-profiled and partially resurfaced.  Rocks have been removed and the trail is now in excellent condition.
  • August 15: PeeWee trail has been damaged by large quads being ridden aggressively.  Most corners badly damaged and unfortunately this trails is again not suitable for younger riders.
  • August 25: Trail alignment for Stage 2 (west of Orchid Rd) commenced.
  • September 5: Car park construction (western precinct) commenced
  • October 15: North Loop, South Loop and 'Short & Curly' fully signed and ready for riding.


  • May: PeeWee Trail completely resurfaced in clay
  • May: Eastern Car park improved and partially landscaped
  • December: Western car park and feeder loops created, entrance to North Loop relocated.


  • June - October: Family Trail resurfaced in clay

Friends of Pinjar Group:

The RTRA is now ready to establish a "Friends of Pinjar ORVA" to assist with volunteer management and maintenance of the area.

The "Friends of..." group will be asked to ride and comment on the new trails before they are surfaced, then regularly monitor the trails for hazards, damage and missing signage.

There will also be opportunities for trail maintenance and improvement, and the group will act as "trail ambassadors" to help orientate new visitors to the area.

This will also be the reference group for future trails and facilities planning in the area.

Yes I'd like to volunteer >>

Join us at Pinjar 12 noon November 8 for the opening of the Family Trail with Charley Boorman.

Check out the article on Pinjar in the November 2011 issue of ADB Magazine.

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