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Pilot Trail Bike Trail Project

The Pilot Trail Project's objective is to develop a dedicated trail for trail bikes that establishes and tests a methodology for planning, design, engineering, rehabilitation, construction, signage, monitoring, maintenance and evaluation of a sustainable trail bike trail.

This information will then be used as a model for future trail assessment and development.

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Important Information for Riders

The Pilot Trail is identified by the number 1 on all signage.  

The Pilot Trail is NOT a one way trail. Watch out for oncoming traffic.

While not being a one way trail there is a preferred direction of travel, indicated by the signs.

The trail best suits intermediate to advanced level riders. It has ruts, rocks, lots of whoops and other technical challenges. 

The Pilot Trail is 16km in total, but there are several short cuts or options to  repeat loops so you can make it longer or shorter to suit your stamina!

The Pilot Trail is not a racetrack. Enjoy the challenge, but please allow for the fact that other riders may be approaching in the opposite direction.

Never ride alone.  It is strongly recommended that the minimum group size is 3 riders (so one can stay with an injured rider while another goes for help).

Each sign post has a unique number. You can use this to identify your location and nearest emergency exit.

Mobile phone coverage is extremely limited. Locations where a Telstra signal has been detected are marked by the word 'PHONE' on the sign posts. This is not a guarantee that there will be coverage, as it depends on weather conditions among other factors.

This project is all about monitoring trail conditions and other factors that impact on trail bike trails.  If you see a dangerous hazard, a damaged sign or are involved in (or hear about) an accident resulting in injury, please let us know by filling in an incident report.

Getting there:

From Brookton Highway drive 3.2km down Metro Road.  Park and unload in the parking area on the left.  Then ride approx 1.7km further down Metro Road until you see the sign pointing to the right.  From there it is approximately 1.6km to the start of the Pilot Trail.  See Overview Map

Current status:

  • August 7 2010: Funding received
  • August 27 2010: Inspection of general area (off Metro Rd) confirms suitability
  • October 12 2010: Workshop with DEC and riders
  • October 23 2010: On-site review and reconnaissance
  • October 30 2010: Potential trail route has been submitted to DEC for review
  • November 15 2010: DEC considering request to move Fauna Buffer zone to accommodate trail.  Proposed new single-track alignment planned
  • June 27 2011: DEC confirms approval of trail alignment
  • August 11 2011: Trail marked and surveyed
  • March 26 2012: New single-trail section cut, trial section of whoops remediated
  • April - May 2012: Trail construction and signage planning
  • August 2012  - Signage installed, open to ride
  • September 2012 onwards - Monitoring and evaluation
  • September 2013 update: Trial segments are holding up well, with demonstrably better water shedding and less whoops forming.

Rider Reference Group:

We have recruited riders for a "Rider Reference Group" to provide rider input into the planning, construction, testing, monitoring and maintenance of this Pilot Trail.

There are still opportunities to contribute to parts of this project.  Involvement can be for all of the tasks or one item specifically depending on your level of interest, skills and time availability.

Planning and development (April to May) will involve on-site reviews, trail test-riding and online reviews and commenting. Maintenance and monitoring (June onwatds) will involve signage and trail inspections and reporting, trail maintenance and improvement days.

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Riders are asked to stay clear of the Proposed Conservation Park
Ridden the Pilot Trail lately?  Please complete our Rider Feedback Survey


What Registration do I need at Metro Road?

Why is the Pilot Trail 2-Way?

Why is there an Exclusion Zone at Metro Road?